Martin Frater – SDS Community Facilitator

I grew up in Glasgow with many summers spent on the Isle of Skye, where many of relatives come from. I have always enjoyed being in the outdoors and went on many adventures with my dad from a young age. I followed my interest in the outdoors and went on to work in several outdoor centres throughout the UK. At the outdoor centres, I particularly enjoyed working with a number people who had a disability. Especially the way they inspired me with how they faced outdoor challenges and how much it meant to them.

I decided I wanted to work with people facing challenges in their everyday lives and support them to live as independently as possible. I went on to complete a counselling degree and during that time worked as a personal assistant to a young man with learning difficulties.

I went on to work with People First Scotland for a number of years supporting people with learning difficulties to stand up for their rights. I became interested in Self Directed Support and wanted to realise its potential and so I joined In-Control Scotland in April 2016. Working as a Community Facilitator in the Gorbals area of Glasgow I strive to support the development of SDS and integrate it further into the local community.

I continued to develop my counselling training and completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in August 2016. I still love to be in the outdoors and spend much of my free time wandering the hills with my friends.