In Control Scotland Self Directed Support Community Facilitators

SDS Community Facilitators

SDS Community Facilitators

In Control works in areas all over Scotland, we are delighted to introduce our new Self Directed Support Community Facilitators, which is a new role within the organisation.

These roles have been funded directly by money received from the Scottish Government which was provided to develop self directed support in Scotland.

Our Self Directed Support Community Facilitators:

Our Self-Directed Support Community Facilitators, are located within their local communities in Aberdeen, Glasgow (Gorbals) and Kilmarnock.   The purpose of their role is to strengthen the connections between community development activity and self-directed support by developing the capacity, knowledge, understanding and resources about self-directed support in these areas.  For more information on how our Community Facilitators can help you please download a copy of our ‘What Matters to You leaflet


Vicky Cunningham - Kilmarnock

Vicky Cunningham – Kilmarnock

Martin Frater - Glasgow

Martin Frater – Glasgow

Louise Farmer

Louise Farmer – Aberdeen