Frances Brown (Stewart)

Independent Consultant in Self Directed Support and Social Care

I am currently working as an independent consultant in the area of Social Care with particular expertise in self directed support, personalisation, leadership and organisational development, planning and service design.

I have worked in nursing and social care for over 30 years. I began working with Inclusion Glasgow as the Deputy Director and co-founder of this unique person centred organisation in 1996 and took up the role of Executive Director in 1999. My role was varied and included the overall responsibility for the leadership and vision of the organisation, creative service and organisational development and ensuring the organisation remained true to its unique values while continuing to be viable in the current difficult economic climate.

The work of Inclusion Glasgow paved the way for much of the learning which has now been identified as self directed support and personalisation. Inclusion Glasgow demonstrated how an organisation could be designed and managed on the principles and values of personalisation and we developed many ways to help people take as much control of their lives and services as possible including the creation and development of the Individual Service Fund. I left my role as Executive Director in June 2012 and after a short career break returned to work independently with people, families and organisations.

I am a creative thinker, often able to think outside of the situation which presents itself and look at how we can approach things differently and creatively.  I am experienced in person centred planning, creative service design, risk management issues and working with people who challenge traditional service designs.

I have many years of expertise in self directed support and personalisation and I am skilled at supporting organisations to consider how to plan and move towards Self Directed Support working alongside organisations in this area over many years.

I am a skilled communicator and listener, with a particular gift for relating to people in all types of situations and gaining peoples trust and respect.

I have the ability to work through situations when difficulties arise, analysing the situation and dissecting and peeling back the layers, enabling me to work with people to identify different ways of problem solving and moving things forward.

I work well with all types of groups facilitating and presenting, I have organised and ran all types of events including meetings, training programmes and person centred planning sessions. I am self motivated and have spent many years managing my own time and work commitments.  I am always open to learning and change and personal growth and development from within.

In Control Scotland is very close to my heart in 2006 I took up the role of In Control Development Co-ordinator job sharing with John Dalrymple. We carried out this role for the first 3 years of in Control’s existence. The values of In Control Scotland are at the very centre of the work that I do each and every day and I am delighted to be an associate consultant and to continue to be connected to In Control Scotland and its journey to support real change for people.