Andy Smith

Director of Diversity Matters

With my partner Pat Black, I founded Diversity Matters in 2001, an organisation which works for a more inclusive society particularly in education, social care and health systems. Before this I developed some of the first supported-living projects in the UK using person centred planning.

I love designing training and learning experiences that have a real world impact and have been instrumental in the design and delivery of the HEC in the person-centred approach at Queen Margaret University which has won a string of awards, particularly for changing workplace practice and in life-long learning. Newer projects include Ordinary Lives and Everyone Together which is new way of studying that brings together people and families and paid workers to learn from each other.

I am passionate about leadership and provide coaching support for leaders in organisations, particularly in the voluntary sector. In recent years I helped design and co-facilitate the In Control Scotland national leadership programme which brought together leaders to learn co-productively about self directed support.

I have skills in service design, project development and organisational change, in the development of training and coaching programmes and in large group facilitations and community building.

I am passionate about using the skills, gifts, talents and contributions of everyone in the development of new services and ways of supporting each other. When people really put their minds together and there is room to accommodate different ways of thinking and seeing the world then more creative and sustainable solutions are found.