About us

In Control Scotland was formed to promote the development of self directed support and individual budgets.Our mission is the transformation of social care into a system of self directed support so that people get more control over their support and their lives and they are able to fulfil their roles as citizens

We promote and support the development of a sustainable system of self-directed support in Scotland.

We believe people can be in control whatever type of help they may need and at any age. We are committed to developing a system of self directed support that will work for everyone.

We work together with organisations, health and social care partnerships, people who need support and their families and provide opportunities and a framework to bring together good practice and to introduce new ways of working. We share what is working well and find new ways together to make changes and to help people get the lives they want.

Most of the work we do is the support we provide to member organisations and health and social care partnerships. We also run events and provide support as part of the work funded by the Scottish Government to support the implementation of self-directed support.

What people who have used Self Directed Support say: