Individual Service Funds (ISF)

The idea behind an individual budget is that it makes it much clearer how much money is available to support you, your family member or child. The amount of money or individual Budget is based on needs identified using an assessment which the local authority is responsible for.  The individual budget allocated will also depend on how much money the local authority has to spend on social care.

Once an individual budget has been identified following an assessment, this is called an indicative budget; you can make a plan saying how you want to spend this money. You may need help planning and thinking about how you can achieve this.  This plan isn’t just about getting hours of support from staff but using your budget in ways which help you get the life you want. Being creative with how you use the money means it may go further than using traditional services and solutions.

Having an individual budget means being in control of decisions about your support and how it is organised. This includes who provides the support and when and how you get that support. This also means deciding how to manage the money.

Our programme helps you to think through how you can use your individual budget in a creative way that lets you be in control of choosing the support that is right for you.  Find out more about individual service funds here.