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In control Scotland is a registered charity funded from membership fees, training and consultancy work.  We also receive Scottish government grants to support the implementation of the national strategy and self directed support bill.

We work with and alongside health and Social Care Partnerships, provider organisations, people who use social care services and their families.  We believe that only by really working together in this way will we be able to create a sustainable system of self directed support.


We work with Health and Social Care Partnerships and organisations through our membership and leadership programmes. Our work focusses on helping you develop the local capacity, knowledge, experience and belief to support people to be in control and get more of the lives and support they want.

Membership of In Control Scotland is open to ALL local authorities and organisations committed to implementing the principles and values of self directed support.

How membership has helped in our work!

1 Health & Social Care Partnerships
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Together we are stronger!

It is really important to In control Scotland that we find ways for people who are affected by the issues of self directed support or just believe in what we believe in, to get involved with us and become members.

We are currently thinking about how? we do this and what it would mean for you!  In the meantime it would help us to know who may be interested in joining.
If you believe that:

  • everyone has gifts to bring to the community and each other!
  • everyone has an equal right to be part of the world we live in and to contribute to it!
  • the social care system should be organised so that people have control over their lives!
  • you want to make a difference!

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By doing this you will help us to think about how to make membership work for you.

Who are our members

In control Scotland was established using a membership approach.

Since we began our work in 2006, more than half of the local authorities in Scotland have joined as members and more than 20 provider organisations have also joined.

2019 – Current members:

Health & Social Care Partnerships:

Provider Organisations:

Why self directed support?

The best way to share how self directed support has worked for people and their families is to let them tell their own stories and share their experiences.