Support Planning

Developing a support plan so you know and describe what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it is one of the core pieces of the self-directed support jigsaw. It is really helpful when developing a support to be able to talk to other people who have done it and can help you to focus on what it is you want to achieve rather than only think about what services are currently available. We will continue to add resources in this section that we think will help people to plan. There is a really useful site you can access at

Thinking About Your Support Plan

This workbook is intended as a helpful guide for anyone who is thinking about developing a support plan.  It is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all the tools that could be used or as something that everyone should work through page by page.  It is simply a collection of person centred tools and exercises that we have found useful in support planning with families and individuals.

This workbook has been brought together as part of work funded by the Scottish Government to support the successful implementation of self directed support.  It has been particularly useful when working together with individuals, families, social work practitioners and providers.  Enjoy………..ICS-Support Planning Workbook

How To Make a Support Plan

A lot of people have made support plans. So there is plenty of information and help available. This document tells you how to make a support plan and what you should put into it.

Download the PDF: 05_How_to_make_a_Support_Plan

Support Planning – Step by Step Guide

There are some questions that can help you to develop your support plan. This guide we will take you through the questions and
suggest some ideas and tools to help you.

Download the PDF: SP_05_Step-by-Step_Guide10Q

How People are Using Their Money

A support plan shows how someone’s individual budget will be spent. In order for the care manager/local authority to agree the release of money for the budget, they must be able to see and agree a plan that meets clear criteria. This document gives some good ideas of how some people use their money.

Download the PDF: howpeopleareusingtheirmoney

The 7 Criteria

Support Plans can be written in different ways. They may be short or long with pictures or just text. The person can write it themselves, with support from someone or have someone else write it for them. The 7 Criteria document helps you to think about the areas to consider in your support plan.

Download the PDF: the7criteria

Support Plan Graphic

This useful support plan graphic shows a process that you can follow to put your information together when developing your plan.

Download the PDF: support plan graphic

Comparing Care Plans and Support Plans

There have been suggestions that support plans should replace care plans, rather than trying to run two systems alongside each other. In this document Care Managers in Oldham describe the current care plan process and compare this to support plans.

Download the PDF: SP_02_Compar_Care-Sup_Plans

Support Planning Top Tips

Some people make their support plan without help, but others may need support to do this. Family members, friends, advocates and paid workers can help people get the support and services they need to be in control of their support. This booklet is full of tips on how you can support someone with their plan.

Download the PDF: 0003_top_tips