A4 Critical Path

A graphic identifying the elements of a critical path to total transformation to a system of self-directed support for local authorities transforming their services.

Download the PDF: Critical path on A4 page

In Control 7 Steps Easy Read Poster

Easy read poster of the seven steps to being in control of your support

Download the PDF:in control 7 steps easy read poster

IC Children Graphics – 2013 v4

These are the current In Control graphics for children, young people and families

Download the PDF:IC Children Graphics – 2013 v4

Graphic on SDS 7 Steps

The original in Control graphic of the 7 steps to self-directed support

Download the PDF:Graphic on SDS 7 Steps (Core)[1]

Graphic on Professional Gift Model

This graphic shows the professional gift model

Download the PDF:Graphic on Professional Gift Model (Colour)

Graphic on Citizenship Model

The Citizenship Model is a paradigm for organising the welfare state; the citizen manages and controls their entitlements, in the context of their community of family and friends. Professional services are agreed on the basis of equality.

Download the PDF:Graphic on Citizenship Model (Colour)[1]

Graphic of Real Wealth with Buttons

Real Wealth represents all the resources which people use to self direct and live their lives. People may not always be aware of it in such a structured sense, but it impacts on the decisions they take, the way they spend their time, the employment they seek or have, their relationships and their health

Download the PDF:graphic of real wealth with buttons