Evaluation and Research Archive Papers

The Evaluation and research section of the resource library will contain documents that provide evidence of experience in self-directed support. You can also find other examples at www.in-control.org.uk

NHS Highland Individual Service Fund Trial – Evaluation

An Individual Service Fund (ISF) trial took place in NHS Highland between November 2013 and April 2014. It followed on from an earlier trial of this way of working in the area and was designed an opportunity to ensure the processes for Self-Directed Support and explicitly Individual Service Funds were developed and tested before the duties of the new legislation came into force in April 2014.

Graeme Reekie (an independent consultant working as Wren & Greyhound) undertook an evaluation on behalf of In Control Scotland with additional editing and foreward by Keith Etherington, In Control Scotland National Co-ordinator.  Please select the link to download a copy of the final report: iCS-Highlands-ISF-report-WEB

Top Ten Tips

In Control Scotland have put together the ‘Top 10 Tips’ to help you to get the most from the Self-Directed Support Act and Guidance.  Both the Act – The Social Care (Self- Directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 – the statutory guidance that underpins it and the good practice guides, which are also available, are extensive and finding the right information you need can be difficult.  Top Ten Tips


In Control Phase 2 Report

This report looks at In Control’s work evaluation and learning between 2005 – 2007

Download the PDF: In Control Phase Two Report

In Control Report 2003 – 2005

A report on the very early work on personalisation, self-directed support and individual budgets to put people in control

Download the PDF: In Control report 2003-2005

In Control Phase 3 Report

People and families are the pioneers in the development of personalisation because they know their situations so intimately; they can often create innovative solutions that professionals may not be able to imagine. Their stories feature throughout this report and give some sense of the creativity that is available and can be released by self directed support.

Download the PDF: In Control Phase 3 Report

Way Ahead North Lanarkshire

An evaluation of and shared learning from the early demonstration work in North Lanarkshire.

Download the pdf: Way Ahead North Lanarkshire.pdf


People Who Have a Personal Budget Survey

In Control and Lancaster University develop a simple evaluation questionnaire for people directing their own support using an individual budget.

Information gathered from using the tool has subsequently been used to gather information for the personal budgets survey in England. a copy of the questionnaire can be downloaded below:

Download the PDF: People who have a personal budget Survey dec 10.pdf