SDS Your Choice Your Right

This paper helpfully outlines how human rights, if taken seriously can create a useful framework for testing and amending current practice. The PANEL model could create real accountability for the quality of implementation for Self-Directed Support by rooting practices in a legal and administrative framework that would be helpfully challenging.

SDS Your Choice Your Right

Personalisation and Human Rights

It can be argued that our current health and social care system lacks explicit guiding principles. The 1968 Social Work Scotland Act is still the primary social care legislation in Scotland. Over forty years on, however, communities and practices have changed considerably and there is a need to consider whether the principles implicit in the legislation continue to apply. The most significant amendment to the 1968 Act has been the NHS and Community Care Act 1990, which created a mixed economy of care and a purchaser and provider split. It is arguable that social care in Scotland now needs to develop a modern, coherent values base to fit with new structures and expectations.

The purpose of this paper is to provide a clear vision, and the values that should drive our new system of care, to lead the way forward by placing a renewed emphasis on human rights at the very heart of a personalised system of care and support.

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