Welcome to the Individual Service Funds (ISF) page.

Here you will find some useful resources and information about individual service funds.  You can also find out more about ISF's under our programme section.

Individual Service Funds – Making Self-Directed Support Work for Everyone

On 21st March 2018 we launched our ‘Individual Service Funds (ISF’s) a guide to making Self-Directed Support work for everyone’ paper.  The paper was written by Sam Smith, CEO C-Change Scotland and Frances Brown an independent consultant on behalf of In Control Scotland and the Centre for Welfare Reform in association with Citizen Network.

The aim of this guide is to promote inclusion and social justice through greater understanding of the benefits of the creative use of Individual Service Funds.

Approximately 60 people attended the launch and had the opportunity to listen to some of our fabulous speakers talk about self-directed support and how we are all working together to help people be in control and live the life’s they want.  To download a copy of the paper, click here.

“I would Never Have Believed….” – Learning from the Individual Service Fund Pilot 2014

I Would Never Have Believed is an evaluation of the learning from the Individual Service Fund Pilot, 2014  – published by Thistle Foundation and Animate.  To download a copy of this evaluation click here: