Who we are

In Control Scotland is a registered charity and a not for profit organisation.
We work with organisations, local authorities and people across Scotland to support the development of a sustainable system of self-directed support .  We provide training, development and consultancy and share what we learn to improve the experience of self directed support for everyone.
We are also part of a wide community of organisations in Scotland, the United Kingdom and internationally who share the same goals and values.

The In Control Scotland team

Keith Etherington

There is a small team of people who are directly employed to carry out the work of In Control Scotland. Keith Etherington (photo) co-ordinates and leads the work of the organisation. He is supported in this work by an Administrator.

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In Control Scotland associates

We have a number of very experienced associates. An associate is someone we can call on who has skills that can be used to help in control Scotland, or its members, in the work of self directed support.

Our associates are available to progress the work of in control Scotland if you want to know more about any of our associates and their work please contact Keith Etherington directly keith@in-controlscotland.org

Find out more about our in control Scotland Associates here

In Control Scotland board

We are a registered charity and have a voluntary Board of Directors who govern the work of the organisation. The Board is made up of people who have a variety of life and work experiences of the social care system in Scotland.

The Board has responsibility for making sure that the organisation has a clear vision, is run well and meets all its obligations. The board meet regularly to provide governance to the organisation.

The Board share the vision that we create a social care system where all people who need additional support, regardless of age and circumstance, will be able to be in control of their own lives and support services.

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Partnership working

We work in partnership with other organisations committed to self directed support and to the belief that people should be in control of their services and their lives. These organisations both work together and share what we learn.

We are committed to this way of working and to being part of a community of learning.

Here are some organisations we work in partnership with, to find out more about them click on the link below.

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