SDS Cinema

Welcome to the self-directed support cinema, where you can view some short films and stories about people and their families who have used their budgets in a way that suits them best.

Cailean's Story

Cailean’s Story


 How having a PA assists Cailean, who is on the autism spectrum, to access a mainstream college course






Susan's Story

Susan’s Story


How Susan is assisted, by a PA, with personal care, household tasks and basic health care support





Joan's Story

Joan’s Story


How Joan is able to maintain employment due to the assistance of PAs







North Ayrshire Self-Directed Support

Self-directed support in North Ayrshire


Self-Directed Support in North Ayrshire





SDS Scotland

Self-directed Support your options animation SDS Scotland



Self-directed Support ‘Your Options’ animation (Self Directed Support Scotland)




Self-Directed Support Edinburgh

Self-Directed Support Edinburgh



Self-directed Support in Edinburgh