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The Power of Partners in Policymaking

Experience the power of the Partners in Policymaking programme at our expo, which is taking place at the Scottish Youth Theatre from 10.00 am until 3.00 pm on Friday 26th October 2018.  Click here for the information leaflet and how to register.

Self-Directed Support Data Under Development

The Scottish Government has been collecting data on Direct Payments (Option 1) since 2001 and as part of the annual Social Care Survey from 2013. The introduction of SDS resulted in changes to the format of the Social Care Survey from 2015, with information now being gathered about the provision of services and support through all of the SDS options over the course of a financial year.
This report provides analysis of information collected in the 2017 Social Care Survey for all SDS options. Further analysis of the 2016-17 Direct Payments data can be found in this publication

National Self-Directed Support Strategy 2010 – 2020

The National Self-directed Support Strategy 2010-2020 is a joint Scottish Government and COSLA 10-year plan, dedicated to driving forward the personalisation of social care in Scotland. In the first phase of the strategy, from 2010-2012, the Scottish Government developed information to promote understanding of Self-directed Support. The second phase, 2012-2016, was focused upon development of the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013, guidance, and supporting innovation. We have now reached the third phase, and there is still a lot more to do. A wide set of public service reforms have been taken forward since the Strategy was launched in 2011, most notably health and social care integration. Set in this context, the priority for 2016-2018 is to consolidate the learning from innovative practice and the application of guidance; and to embed Self-directed Support as Scotland’s mainstream approach to social care. To download a copy click here.