Resource Allocation Central

Ah, resource allocation. Love it or hate it, it won't go away. In this section of the site, we are trying to gather together some documents/information and resources that you might find useful when thinking about how funds can be shared fairly to support the development of a sustainable system of self-directed support in your area

“UPFRONT: the benefits of a Resource Allocation System

This new publication from In Control Scotland argues that resource allocation systems are a vital part of any genuine system of self-directed support; and that resource allocation systems that provide upfront information about the size of the budget likely to be available remain uniquely empowering of individuals and families wishing to maximise personal control and creativity throughout the process.

You can download and read the full document here


Model SHANARRI Resource Allocation Documents

A model resource allocation system for children, young people and families based on achieving the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators. Includes model questionnaires and Frequesntly Asked Questions

Download a copy of the PDF SHANARRI Document

Download a copy of the Word SHANARRI Socument

RAS Guide 4

The original In Control RAS4 step by step guide to developing a resource allocation system

Download the Word Document: v20090_RAS4_Guide

Understanding the RAS

This document sets out to explain the In Control approach to resource allocation for children, young people and families as part of a system of self-directed support.

It is based on the experience of developing systems over a number of years in children’s services in England.

Download the PDF:Understanding_the_RAS

RAS 5 Method

Ras 5 is the most up to date iteration of the In Control resource allocation tool.  The attached paper provides a brief description of the RAS 5 methodology

Download the PDF:ras5method


A copy of the RAS 5 spreadsheet that can be used to develop a resource allocation system

Download the PDF:ras5.nda

RAS 5.1

A copy of the RAS 5 spreadsheet that includes some sample data

Download the PDF:ras5.1pd(live data)

Common Resource Allocation Framework

Here is information on the Common Resource Allocation material developed in England through ADASS.  If you want to find out more about this, you can access the documents at the Think local Act Personal site –

Download the PDF:Common_Resource_Allocation_Framework_Updated_June_2010_

A Fair Budget

A discussion paper which explores the role and use of resouce allocation systems in the development of self-directed support. It argues that too many of these Resource Allocation Systems which are used to define individual budgets are bureaucratic, obscure and without empirical foundation. There is also a grave danger that they are being used to make illegal and unjustified cuts to care.  It argues that a much simpler approach is necessary – together with a period of time to test and compare different models in Scotland.

Download the PDF:a-fair-budget