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The Resource Library is where you will find a range of documents, information and tools that we hope will be helpful whatever your interest in self-directed support. We expect to be adding to and updating the Resource Library regularly so if it's not there now, get in touch and we'll try and add something soon! The most recently added items in the library will show below, but you can also search for items under the category headings or by using the search button.

Family’s Stories Mostly Short Film


Keith - Families Stories Mostly image


We held the ‘Family’s Stories Mostly‘ event in Glasgow in February 2015 jointly with the Open University.  Here is a short film of the event.


SDS Quotes of Our Times Postcards


As part of self-directed support awareness week in March 2015, In Control Scotland  produced a series of 8 postcards showcasing some ‘Great self-directed support quotes of our times’  You can view all of the postcards and download copies by clicking the image


Community Development and Self Directed Support

Our Community Development and Self Directed Support event took place in Edinburgh on 2nd April and was attended by 50 participants from 31 different organisations.  It was a very enjoyable day with interesting and informative talks from fantastic keynote speakers and interactive workshops presented by wonderful inspiring people that everyone could get involved in.  The feedback we have received so far has been very positive.  To download a copy of the presentations from the day select the following links:

Families Doing it for Themselves

Local Area Coordinators and Self Directed Support

Link-Up – Community Development and Self Directed Support

Neighbourhood Networks

Neighbourhood Networks – Wishaw

We have also produced a short update of the day with some photographs, to download a copy click on the image

Community Development Image



Scotland’s Inclusion Institute 2014 – REPORT

We have now compiled a report from the Scotland’s Inclusion Institute event, which took place on 2nd, 3rd & 4th September 2014 and was attended by over 200 people.  To read this report, click on this link:  Report

Defining Your Self Directed Support Offer Report

Graeme Reekie and Alastair Minty who facilitated the Defining Your Self Directed Support Offer workshops recently in Aberdeen and Glasgow have pulled together a summary of the feedback from both events.  To view or download a copy of this report click here: Defining Your Self Directed Support Offer Report

Family’s Stories Mostly – Glasgow – 18th February 2015

In Control Scotland and the Open University in Scotland have organised an event with a focus on sharing stories of children, young people and families directing their own support.  The purpose of the event is mainly to hear from families and share what we can all learn from their experiences and the experiences of practitioners involved in supporting them.  On the day, we expect there will be lots of stories told in different ways.  The day will  also include keynote presentations, workshops and film.  For an information leaflet and booking form, please select the link: Family’s Stories Mostly

Scotland’s Inclusion Institute 2014 Video Footage

II video image


The 3rd  Scotland’s Inclusion Institute took place on 2nd, 3rd and 4th September 2014 at the Seamill Hydro in West Kilbride.  During the 3 days of this event a unique group of thinkers and ‘doers’ came together from far and wide to create a wonderful learning community.  A fantastic range of workshops took place led by inspirational presenters.  Everyone who attended the event contributed over the 3 days and gave us some fantastic feedback about their personal experiences.  Click the image to see some of the video footage from the event

NHS Highland Individual Service Fund Trial – Evaluation

An Individual Service Fund (ISF) trial took place in NHS Highland between November 2013 and April 2014. It followed on from an earlier trial of this way of working in the area and was designed an opportunity to ensure the processes for Self-Directed Support and explicitly Individual Service Funds were developed and tested before the duties of the new legislation came into force in April 2014.

Graeme Reekie (an independent consultant working as Wren & Greyhound) undertook an evaluation on behalf of In Control Scotland with additional editing and foreward by Keith Etherington, In Control Scotland National Co-ordinator.  Please select the link to download a copy of the final report: iCS-Highlands-ISF-report-WEB

Top Ten Tips

In Control Scotland have put together the ‘Top 10 Tips’ to help you to get the most from the Self-Directed Support Act and Guidance.  Both the Act – The Social Care (Self- Directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 – the statutory guidance that underpins it and the good practice guides, which are also available, are extensive and finding the right information you need can be difficult.  Top Ten Tips


Thinking About Your Support Plan

This workbook is intended as a helpful guide for anyone who is thinking about developing a support plan.  It is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all the tools that could be used or as something that everyone should work through page by page.  It is simply a collection of person centred tools and exercises that we have found useful in support planning with families and individuals.

This workbook has been brought together as part of work funded by the Scottish Government to support the successful implementation of self directed support.  It has been particularly useful when working together with individuals, families, social work practitioners and providers.  Enjoy………..ICS-Support Planning Workbook