Children and young people archive

This section contains resources and information about children, young people and families to directing their own support

Real Wealth paper

A paper that describes the concept of real wealth – a term that is used to describe all the resources that people can use to get the life and support they want.

Real Wealth paper

Personalisation Children Young People and Families Briefing Paper

This paper is the first of three briefings to be published by in Control which will describe the organisation’s work and vision for personalisation in the children’s world. The paper does not set out to answer all questions, but rather to offer some building blocks which can create a transformed relationship between the child and their family and the state.

Download the PDF:Personalisation children young people and families briefing paper [1]

Children’s Briefing No:3

This report, sets out evaluation work from across children’s service members, and includes more detailed input from one children’s service, Newham.

Download the PDF:childrens briefing no 3[1]

Children’s Briefing No: 2

This report documents the discussion of a representative group of people involved in driving forward the wider Personalisation agenda in the children’s world. The report shares the key themes discussed during a round-table discussion exploring Personalisation for children, young people and families hosted by In Control in June 2010.

Download the PDF:Childrens briefing no 2 [1]

In Control Newspaper – Spring 2013

We are delighted to have produced our first In Control Scotland newspaper about children, young people and families directing their own support.  This came from ”The First Steps’  activity where young people and families in three local authority areas of Scotland were involved in managing a small resource to make the most difference. There are some really interesting articles and fantastic real life stories.  Click on the link to download your copy.

Download the PDF:IC-Scotland-paper-01