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Our aim is to support the development of a sustainable system of self-directed support in Scotland where people are in control of and able to direct the – how, when, in what way and by whom – they are supported.

We hope you find the resources and information on our website helpful. We intend to keep adding to and updating the site over time with further and new resources.

Self-Directed Support and Personalised Human Resources

We recently held our self-directed support and personalised human resources information session in Edinburgh.  Provider organisations who were involved in this project attended on the day to share their learning with others, give presentations and provide information on their progress and the great work they are doing in their own organisations.  This project was funded through a grant from the Scottish Government. To find out more about this project click here.

Some recently published papers you may find interesting……..



No Place Like Home

The economics of independent living.  A discussion paper from the Centre of Welfare Reform.  Written by Alice Squire and Pete Richmond.

The research outlined in this paper, lets us see the benefits of independent living over time.  An individual’s support may vary and needs may go up and down over time, but if we work in partnership with the person then we can expect to see support costs reduce over time.  This is because independent living grows capacity, relationships and inclusion in a way that congregate living finds much harder.

 Self Directed Support – Your Choice, Your Right

This paper helpfully outlines how human rights, if taken seriously can create a useful framework for testing and amending current practice. The PANEL model could create real accountability for the quality of implementation for Self-Directed Support by rooting practices in a legal and administrative framework that would be helpfully challenging.

Audit Scotland – Self-Directed Support – Progress Report 2017

This report from Audit Scotland was published in August 2017 and reflects on the progress of the implementation of self-directed support.  Please click on the image to read.  You can also view an easy-read version of this report.

What Matters to You?

How our Self-Directed Support Community Facilitators can help you


Self-Directed Support Community Facilitators can help you make the most of directing your own support.  We have Community Facilitators in Glasgow, Kilmarnock and Aberdeen.  Our new leaflet is now available providing you with more information and how to get in touch.  Please feel free to download a copy here or by clicking on the image.